We provide legal advice in the processing and obtaining of official immigration documents through which the legal stay of foreigners and their families in Mexico is ensured, so that they can remain in the country, either by providing their services for a company or as family members, as in study activities, business, diplomatic service, charity or retirement, among others.

In the same way, we provide the service of obtaining the employer's registration for hiring foreigners, in the event that the company that seeks to hire them does not comply with this indispensable requirement.

Secondary to the foregoing, but no less important, we support them in various procedures that are also fundamental for their development in Mexico, such as registering with the Mexican Institute of Social Security, in the Treasury for the payment of taxes, the CURP or Unique Code of Population registration, sick leave, driver's license, advice on lease contracts or purchase of real estate, work permits for wives or husbands of expatriates, among others.
For more details on migratory services, you can consult the EXPATRIATES and IMMIGRATION section on this webpage.

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