We aid in the search and implementation of adequate fiscal schemes which benefit from the fiscal provisions or voids in the law, fully complying to the applicable legal framework , and which translate into tax benefits for our clients. Moreover, and if necessary, we implement efficient means of defense in order to protect and safeguard the interests of our clients, be it on a dispute with the fiscal authorities, either Federal or from the State Government, or if they are subject to some type of inspection from such authorities.

In the field of administrative law, we provide the necessary legal counseling and defense practice to citizens whose rights have been affected as a result of the actions of the different authorities, whether at a Federal, State, or Municipal Government level. This is aimed to safeguard citizens when affected in their holding rights, prerogatives or concessions.
Our legal team has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in providing intelligent, sensible and profitable legal and commercial solutions for our clients.

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