In this area, we offer specialized legal counseling for business incorporation in any business type needed, providing advice on the different options available under our legislation and on the advantages and disadvantages of each from various aspects relevant to its opening (taxes, activity, labour).

We also offer these services for the cases of acquisition, merging, demerging, liquidation and restructuring of a company or groups of companies; holding of assemblies; maintenance of company books; and making, revision, and negotiation of contracts.

In the same way, we deal with any dispute that may arise between partners, whether judicially or by conciliation; as well as the separation, increase or termination of such partners.
Our legal team has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in providing intelligent, sensible and profitable legal and commercial solutions for our clients.

Whether you have a legal consultation for yourself, your corporation or the company you work for, our team will gladly help you.
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As attorneys we have developed a solid experience in legal counseling, procedures and solutions in Mexico for individuals and corporations.

We have the legal background to excel in Immigration Services for Mexico, and a strong local team for Relocation.
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